Reduced N leaching with Haifa's CoteN™ Mix fertilizers

The Balkan region suffers from heavy rains, causing huge nitrogen loss. Haifa's coated Urea is the best solution

Reduced N leaching with Haifa's CoteN™ Mix fertilizers

During the last couple of years, the Balkan area suffers from heavy rainfalls, causing all kinds of damages, from flooding to saturated soil conditions. As a result, the highly common Urea fertilizer, a known source of nitrogen, suffers from severe loss under these circumstances, mainly due to the mechanisms below: 

a) Leaching 
b) Denitrification (NO3– ——> NO2——>NO ——> N2O ——> N2) 
c) Volatilization 
CO (NH2)2 + H+ + 2H20 —> 2NH4+ HCO3– 
Urea + Hydrogen + Water ——> Ammonia + Carbonate 
NH4+ + OH- —> NH4OH + NH3 + H2O 

Studies have revealed that under saturated conditions the denitrification losses can reach 95%. Think about all the nitrogen leaching and the money going to waste. 

** The solution: CoteN™ ** 

Haifa South East Europe now launches the best answer to this huge Balkan problem with the CoteN™ mix products 

CoteN™ is an encapsulated Urea form where the release rate of the nutrient is affected only by the soil reference temperature (21oC), thus protecting the release from other factors as microbial/enzyme activity, humidity, aeriation e.t.c. 

The capsule is a specially designed highly degradable polymer, coating providing the grower with the ability to estimate the release rate depending on the monthly average soil temperatures. It gives to the grower more control over his fertilization practice. 

CoteN™ mix products provide a secure and economic solution under these circumstances by embodying the advantages below: 

• Applied only once at the beginning of the season 
• 30-50% less applied fertilizer, with no reduction in yield 
• Reduced application costs (tractors, gasoline, mechanical damages) 
• Less labor and logistics 
• No compaction of the soil 
• No ruined lines 
• No need to enter the field for fertilization 
• Environmentally friendly 
• Peace of mind 

With CoteN™, the only thing washed away is your worries. CoteN™ is not only a solution – it's a revolution.

Reduced N leaching with Haifa's CoteN™ Mix fertilizers