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Almond Feed™ offers better value for your almonds

Haifa’s Almond Feed™ 13-0-40+6(S) is designed to enhance the performance of your almond crops. 

Recommendations for Almond fertilization

Trees are planted in rectangular or hexagonal arrangements, with separate rows of pollinators and main cultivars, usually alternating with each other (US description). Solid rows of pollinators are used since trees are shake harvested, and this makes it easier to harvest without mixing cultivars. In some orchards, two different pollinators are used, generally one blooming slightly before and the other slightly after the main cultivar. The spacing must be wide enough to permit movement of harvesting equipment, or about 5.5 meters.

Nutrients rates ideal for growing almonds in Spain

The recommended rates of nutrients and fertilizers needed to grow healthy almond trees  

Soil type: light to medium, pH 6-8.

Success story: Poly-Feed ™ fertilizer in almond crop cultivation


 Learn how Haifa Poly-Feed™ helped Spanish Almond grower answer the need for cultivating efficiently for optimum  growth

Almond fertilization

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