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Barley production and consumption

Abstract: Barley (Hordeum vulgare) is a very important grain in the world today. It ranks fourth in both quantity produced and in area of cultivation of cereal crops in the world. The annual world harvest of barley in the late century was approximately 140 million tonnes from about 55 million ha.

Micronutrient Requirements of Crops

Abstract: Crops require 16 essential elements to grow properly. The elements include carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and
oxygen (02), which are derived from air and water. All the remaining nutrients used by plants come from soil in the
form of inorganic salts. Legumes are an exception because they can also fix nitrogen from the air.


Foliar feeding of wheat & barley provides better yield

Find out the recommended time and frequency of foliar spray applications, in order to grow better yield

# Of applications

Growth stage


Application rate

Spray vol.*