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Eggplant Yield in Response Potassium Fertilization on Sandy Soil

Abstract: ‘Classic’ eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) responses to K fertilization were evaluated in Spring and Fall 1991 at Live Oak, Fla., on soils testing low in Mehlich-1 extractable K. Total season yield leveled off at 51.1 t•ha-1 with 94 kg K/ha fertilization in spring and at 53.3 t•ha-1 with 60 kg K/ha in fall.

Summary of N, P, and K Research with Eggplant in Florida | George Hochmuth and Ed Hanlon

Current eggplant fertilization recommendations are based on published field research, and a compilation of this literature contained in this document will assist with making valid fertilizer recommendations that are both commercially viable and that reduce risk of environmental consequences in adjacent water bodies.