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Nutrition Assessment of N-P-K in Mint (Mentha spicata L.) Cultivated in Soilless System


Aims: The objective of this study was to determine the nutrient removal of N, P and K in the biomass production of mint plants at the harvest time.

The Critical Role of Nutrient Management in Mint Production


Research results from the Pacific Northwest demonstrate the importance of fertilizer nutrients in the production of mint, used to add flavor to a wide variety of specialty products.

The Effect of Nitrogenous and Phosphate Fertilizers of the Properties on the Vegetative Growth and Aromatical Oil Yield of Local Mint

A field experiment was carried out the season 2005-2006 in private farm in Najaf province to investigate
2 5 four mixture of nitro g e n o u s a nd phosphate fertilizers i.e. (0, 100 kg N/ha, 150 kg P O /ha, and 100 kg N/ha
+ 2 5 150 kg P O /ha) on vegetative growth properties and oil yie ld o f lo c al mint. A simple experiment was