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The advantages of using Multi-K fertilizer for growing banana trees

Find out how to supply the banana trees with the proper amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium using Haifa's fertilizers


Plant Population: 1200-1800 mat/Ha.
Expected Yield: 45-50 t/Ha.
Amounts of elements removed from the soil in the yield (Kg/Ha/Year):
K-1500; N-500; P-70; Ca-235; Mg-155; Mn-13; Fe-5.5; Zn-1.7; B-1.4; Cu-0.55.

CRF for Better Shelf Life of Nursery Plants potted plants are taken out of the production area and subjected to constant flushings with plain water, signs of nutrient deficiency can begin to show up in as early as a week. The addition of Multicote™ Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF) can to solve the nutrition problems, thus offering robust healthy plants

The best products for the best quality

Once starting to use Haifa fertilizers for his gardening plants, Janwillem Bakhuyzen from the Netherlands has never
been more pleased with the quality of his plants


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