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Poly-SugarBeet Bonus

Water-Soluble NPK Fertilizer for Foliar Application
Poly-SugarBeet Bonus* 15-7-30+2MgO with micronutrients

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Primary sources of nutrients

Strawberry: Nutrient deficiencies

Cotton: micro nutrients - Fe (iron)

Haifa Solution:

Tomato: Nutrient deficiencies

Learn how to identify and correct tomato nutriend deficiencies  

CoteN™ is Haifa's polymer coated Urea, set for 2 or 4 months longevity (@21C). CoteN™ is perfect crops with special emphasis on N management in the soil, such arable crops.

CoteN™ is part of the Multicote range of Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF), developed by Haifa Group. An accurate fertilizer release over time, governed only by soil temperature, make CoteN™ a precise and reliable N source for the crops.
The soil temperature factor
When the weather gets colder, the N release rate becomes slower. This meets the decrease in nutrients consumption by the plant. This CRF technology ensures both precise plant feeding, and efficient nutrition with s minimum loss of N to the soil. 
Once the weather gets wormer and plants demands for nutrients increase, and so the release rate of Urea from CoteN™.
Nitrogen is known to be illusive Nutrient. Urea, can Volatilize as Ammonia, or can be transform to Ammonium (NH4+) , then to Nitrite (NO2-) and Nitrate (NO3-). Ammonium (NH4+) can be uptake by the roots, and it can also be tied to the soil particles as they are negatively charged. Nitrate (NO3-), due to the negative charge cannot be tied to soil particles. It can be uptake by the roots, or it can be leached to groundwater. The speed of all these transitions is depends of the temperatures, water regime, soil type and the right bacterial groups present in the soil. CoteN™, Controlled release fertilizer is affected only by temperature. Similar to the effect that temperature has on plants.
The CoteN™ Advantages
Proven Cost effectiveness
  • A substantial reduced N level applied to the soil
  • Single application, no need to fertilize again during the season.
  • Save on labor and time
  • Lower fertilization costs per area
Precise plant nutrition feeding
  • Accurate N release following plant's nutrient uptake demand
  • Ensures constant N feed regardless of rainfall and irrigation rates
A sustainable  solution
  • Prevent nitrogen leaching to groundwater and keep a sustainable agricultural soil
NEW: CoteN™ Mix
Haifa also introduced the CoteN™Mix concept: a wide range of CoteN™ based blends, bringing the CoteN™ added values to mixes of uncoated fertilizers to complete the P & K needs.

Granular NPK Complex Fertilizer


Spreader setting

Broadcast fertilizer spreader
A (lbs/acre,) x C (ft) x D (ft) ÷ 43560 = B (lbs)
A (kg/ha) x C (m) x D (m) ÷ 10,000 = B (kg)
A = application rate (desired rate lbs/acre or kg/ha);
B = weight of fertilizer (lbs or kg) collected from spreader
in sixty seconds;
C = distance traveled (ft or meter) in sixty seconds;
D = swath spacing width (ft or meter)
Drill type fertilizer spreader
A (lbs/acre) x C (rev) x D (ft) x E (ft) ÷ 43560 = B (lbs)
A (kg/ha) x C (rev) x D (m) x E (m) ÷ 10,000 = B (kg)
A = application rate (desired rate lbs/acre or kg/ha);
B = weight of fertilizer (lbs or kg) collected from
applictor(s) from one row during C- revolutions;
C = number of revolutions of drive wheel;
D = “actual” drive wheel circumference (feet or meter)
E = row spacing (feet or meter).


  • 25kg bags
  • 1MT Big Bags
  • Bulk


Total nitrogen (N) 14%
Nitric Nitrogen (N-NO3) 4.8%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N-NH4) 9.2%
Available Phosphorus (P2O5):  
P2O5 soluble in water and in ammonium citrate 14%
Water soluble P2O5 13%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 17%
Sulphate (SO3) 17%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2%
Iron (Fe) 0.1%
Zinc (Zn) 0.02%


2-5 mm Min. 85%
<1mm Max. 1%


Crop / Soil type Expected yield level: High Expected yield level: Average
Sand Loam Clay loam Sand Loam Clay loam
Bean, dry (kidney, navy) 500 250 125 375 200 110
Bean, snap 750 600 275 575 400 225
Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry establishment 1250 1175 1000 950 925 900
Brassica 900 675 625 675 525 450
Carrot 1325 1200 850 1175 1000 675
Clover 1825 1675 825 1400 1325 750
Grasses 300 250 250 225 200 225
Herbs 1000 775 550 750 625 450
Lettuce 1025 900 625 975 700 450
Onion 1250 900 600 950 750 575
Pepper 850 650 450 650 475 325
Potato 1725 1425 900 1300 1150 800
Stone fruits 1100 1100 1100 1000 1000 1000
Apple, Pear 1025 1025 1025 925 925 925
Sweet corn 500 350 300 375 275 250
Tomato 1125 950 675 850 650 550

Note: the exact rates, timing and mode of application should be determined according to specific crop needs, soil and water conditions and the grower's experience. Consult Haifa agronomist to suit the optimal fertilization program for your needs.

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Higher potato yields with Multi-K MG


Side dressing of Multi-KMg prill increased yield by 9%

CoteN™ Mix to increase wheat yield by +20%

The winter season of 2016-2017 was quite dry in Spain. A trial that that was conducted by Haifa Iberia compared different fertilization treatments in winter wheat. The comparison was between fertilization with:   1.        Conventional granular fertilizer 2.        Chicken manure

A complete nutrition and fertilization program for potatoes

Different methods of fertilization are available, all with our recommended fertilizers   Soil type: Light soil.


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