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Crop Guide: Olives

Index: Origin and history Plant description and physiology Worldwide cultivation of olives Olive cultivars Yields  

All-round benefits in automated fertigation for Goodwood avocadoes | April 2013

"The solubility of the Haifa fertilizers has been excellent and the job of applying fertilizers is now so much easier", says Queensland avocado grower Laurie McCloskey


Soil test - Interpretation guide | E.S. Marx, J. Hart and R.G. Stevens

Regular soil testing is an important element in nutrient management. You can use soil tests as a diagnostic tool or to identify trends through time. Soil testing laboratories use different test methods, which may influence results and sufficiency ranges. Therefore, the sufficiency ranges in this publication are accurate only for the test methods listed.

Role of fertigation in horticultural crops: citrus | Ashok K. Alva

Advances in micro-irrigation techniques, drip and under-tree sprinklers, have  facilitated more widespread adoption of fertigation,  especially for perennial  crops, including citrus.  It is well known that fertigation improves nutrient uptake efficiency.


Apple: Nutrient deficiencies  


Grapes-table: Nutrient deficiencies  


Citrus: Nutrient deficiencies