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How to grow gladiolus with more flowers


The research conducted in Holland found that the higher the K amount, the Gladiolus have more flowers and healthier bulbs




How to maximize the yield of gerberas grown in greenhouse

The nutrition recommendations, using Haifa's fertilizers, also help to fight magnesium and iron deficiencies in gerbera


Growing conditions: Greenhouse
Plant density: Plants/Ha


Nutrition Recommendations
Soil type: Clay

Irrigation water quality for container-grown plants | Brian Whipker

Water is an important resource for growing plants. Plants, by weight, are comprised of 90 to 95 percent water. Chemicals in irrigation water can impact the growth of plants, especially container-grown plants, due to their restricted root growth and the high potential for change of soilless media with relatively low buffering capacities.

Higher yields and reduction of incidence of stem brittle in white carnation | Yermiyahu, U., and U. Kafkafi

Calyx splitting and high percentage of stem brittle was observed in the carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.), cv. Standard White Candy, grown under fertigation on a sandy loam soil, in the coastal plateau of Israel, 18 km east from the Mediterranean coast.

Best management practices for turf and lawn fertilization | Dr. Mike Stewart

The first step in the establishment of an attractive and functional lawn or any other turf area is the is the selection of an appropriate grass. An adequate fertilization program is among the affecting turf quality. Proper fertilization is often the most important factors most cost-effective means of achieving an attractive lawn.


Gerbera: macro nutrients - N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium)

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