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Maryborough pineapple trial

 Maryborough pineapple trial probes controlled release fertiliser benefits.The opportunity to improve pineapple production despite reducing fertiliser applications and the time spent on his spraying boom has prompted Maryborough grower Phill Smith to trial controlled release nutrition this season.

Pineapple yield and fruit quality effected by npk fertilization in a tropical soil

Abstract: There is a lack of information about fertilization of pineapple grown in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. So a field experiment with pineapple ‘Smooth Cayenne’ was carried out to study the effects of NPK rates on yield and fruit quality. The trial was located on an Alfisol in the central part of the State of São Paulo (Agudos county).

Applied K Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Pineapples Grown on a Tropical Peat Soil Under Residues Removal

Abstract: In Malaysia, pineapples are grown on peat soils, but most K fertilizer recommendations do not take into account K loss through leaching. The objective of this study was to
determine applied K use efficiency under a conventionally recommended fertilization regime in pineapple cultivation with residues removal. Results showed that K recovery

Fertilizer recommendation

This crop requires good surface and internal drainage and tolerates drought, but benefits
very much from mulching and irrigation.


Pineapples: A complete fertilization program

Our fertilization recommendation regards every stage of development, using Haifa's fertilizers

Adapted from the conditions in Ghana.
Cultivar: Smooth Cayene.
Plant density: 60,000 plants/ha.

Potassium fertilization for pineapple: Effects on plant growth and fruit yield | Luiz Antonio Junqueira Teixeira, José Antonio Quaggio, Heitor Cantarella, Estêvão Vicari Mellis

A field experiment with pineapple was carried in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, with the objective of investigating the effects of rates and sources of potassium fertilizer on plant growth and fruit yield. Plant growth and fruit yield were evaluated. Biomass accumulation of pineapple plants was impaired by chlorine added with potassium chloride.