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A considerable increase in marketable Pepper yield obtained in Italy

Yield and quality improved mainly due to higher number of fruits per plant, larger fruit size and flesh thickness  

How to grow carrots with Haifa fertilizers

Fertilization recommendation for growing carrots with Haifa fertilizers, to achieve optimal plant nutrition & excellent yield  

Beneficial effects for potassic fertilization of apples in China

Yield, Coloring rate and Sugar content markedly improved by foliar application of Multi-K  

A fertilization program for apples in Spain

  Haifa's fertilizers meet the apple tree nutritional requirement  

Soil type: light to medium, good drainage, pH 6.5 - 8.

How to increase citrus fruit size in Israel

  A single foliar application of Haifa Bonus 12-2-44 increased potassium (K) level in leaves and fruit size distribution  

Fertilization of coffee: the benefits of foliar spraying with Multi-K

  The recommended average rates of nutrients for coffee trees, and how Multi-K can improve the yield and the coffee quality  

Positive contribution to potassic fertilization in cotton

Two foliar sprays of Multi-K increased yield by 24%, in comparison with the same treatment with MOP  

Multicote Agri reduced N rate and applications

Multicote Agri reduced N rate and applications   19% reduction in the total applied nitrogen resulted in no yield reduction