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Sunflower Research Trials

Abstract: In 2009, the University of Vermont Extension Crops and Soils Team conducted several sunflower research projects. A number of agronomic topics were investigated including pest control strategies, nitrogen management, and variety selection. Many farmers are engaged in onfarm fuel production endeavors.



General Background

Details of Quality Characteristics

Current Production and Yields

Constraints upon Production Markets and Market Potential

Other Information


Useful Websites

BioMat Net



Fertilizing Sunflowers

Abstract: Adequate soil fertility is one of the requirements for profitable sunflower production. Nitrogen (N) is the most yield-limiting nutrient, unless there are high residual NO3 -N levels in the soil. Phosphorus (P) is the next most limiting nutrient.

Fertilizing Sunflower

Abstract: Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is a New World crop, domesticated in eastern North America about 4,000 years ago (Blackman et al., 2011). Perhaps due to the development of sunflower relatively recently in human history and its breeding as an oil seed mostly for yield, the efficiency of nitrogen (N) utilization by sunflower is relatively high.

Fertilization recommendation for growing sunflower

The ways to provide the necessary nutrients to ensure beautiful and healthy sunflower