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The Effects of Fertilizer on Burley Tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum

Abstract:  The Effects of Fertilizer on Burley Tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum. A Research Paper. Presented for the. Masters of Science

in Agriculture and Natural Resources Degree. The University of Tennessee.

Revised Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Tobacco

Abstract: As a result of the recent tobacco buyout tobacco growers are facing lower leaf prices and increased scrutiny of their production practices. Tobacco companies have expressed concerns over excessive rates of nitrogen and their potential link to high nitrosamine levels in the cured leaf.

Tobacco Fertilization

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Tobacco production manual using drip irrigation (Natafim)

Abstract: Drip irrigation in tobacco is not new. In the early 1990’s, drip irrigation was successfully used in Flue Cured tobacco in both South Carolina and Georgia. Yield increases have been obtained ranging from 20% - 40% at the same time improving the quality with a grade improvement of 10-20%.

Cultivation of tobacco

In the present paper an effort will be made to describe briefly the methods employed in modern cultivation of tobacco, to treat of recent successes in growing tobacco under shade in the United States, and also describe the conditions of tobacco culture in Sumatra with especial

How to provide the tobacco plant with required nutrients

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Fertilization of flue cured - Virginia