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Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Tomato Open Field

Poly-Feed™ is a range of fully water-soluble NPK fertilizers, designed to provide complete plant nutrition throughout the growth season. The wide choice of formulae and compositions meets the needs of vegetable crops, fruit-trees and flowers at all growth environments. Poly-Feed™ products enable growers feed crops according to their developing needs by means of Nutrigation™ and Foliar Feeding, application methods that offer maximum efficiency of nutrient use, optimal growth and minimized pollution of soil, water and air.

The special advantages of Poly-Feed™ products:
 Fully water soluble, safe for use with all irrigation and spraying systems
♦ Consist of pure plant nutrients exclusively
♦ Free of chloride, sodium, and other detrimental elements
♦ Made of high quality ingredients
♦ Enriched with high levels of micronutrients


Tomato growth stages
Tomato Open Field, Target Yield = 70 MT/Ha 

Foliar application
Product Poly-Feed™ 19-19-19+1MgO+ME Poly-Feed™ 19-19-19+1MgO+ME Poly-Feed™ 12-5-40+1MgO+ME  
Application rate 1-2 kg/ha 1-2 kg/ha 2-4 kg/ha  
Spray Conc. / Volume 0.5%-1% / 200 l/ha 0.5%-1% / 200 l/ha 1.5%-2% / 300-400 l/ha  
Application frequency Every 14 days Every 14 days Every 14 days  
Growth stage tomato growth stages - vegetative stage tomato growth stages - first flowering cluster and first fruit set tomato growth stages - fruit filling and new flowering tomato growth stages - ripening and harvest
Stage duration (days) Vegetative stage
First flowering cluster and first fruit-set
Fruit filling + new flowering clusters
Ripening and harvest
Soil application / Nurtrigation™
Product Poly-Feed™ 20-20-20+ME Poly-Feed™ 14-10-34+ME Poly-Feed™ 14-10-34+ME Poly-Feed™ 14-10-34+ME
Application rate 8 kg/ha/day 16 kg/ha/day 19.25 kg/ha/day 19.25 kg/ha/day
Total volume per stage 200 Kg/ha 480 Kg/ha 385 Kg/ha 385 Kg/ha