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Potassium nitrate techincal grade

Potassium nitrate technical grade prills

Screen analysis

  • On 6.5 US mesh (>3.15 mm) 2%typ. Through 18 US mesh (<1.00 mm) 10% typ.
  • Note: On request, Potassium Nitrate TG Crystalline is supplied with or without anticaking agent


  • 25 Kg / 50 Kg Sewn Bottom Open Mouth bag of woven & coated PP.
  • 500 Kg / 1000 Kg / 1200 Kg. Net big bags (including discharge spout and lifting loops) outer bag: woven polypropylene, inner bag polyethylene


  • Glass (cathode ray tubes, lead crystal, heat treating).
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Heat treating salts (steel and rubber manufacture), oxidizing flux (in metallurgy).
  • Heat transfer salts, energy storage.
  • Ceramics (tiles, glazes).
AnalyteUnitTypicalSpecification limits
Assay (as KNO3)%99.799.4 min
pH (10% solution)  8.06.0-10.0
Sodium (Na)ppm150300 max
Calcium (Ca)ppm1835 max
Magnesium (Mg)ppm510 max
Iron (Fe)ppm410 max
Chloride (Cl)ppm230350 max
Water insolubleppm100350 max
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