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Increasing potato yield with Multi KMg prill


The Multi KMg treatment outperformed the existing side dressing practice in all areas measured


Potatoes/ Coliban (Fresh Market)
Country / location Australia/Berrigan, southern New South Wales
Objectives Compare existing side dressing practice with Multi KMg prills to increase tuber yield and skin quality. The focus is also on timing of applications
Haifa product tested Multi KMg (12-0-42+2MgO)
Application method Side dressing
Tested treatment 3x250 kg/ha by side-dressing
Control treatment results Total Yield: 44.19 MT/ha
Number 1 Grade Tubers: 24.63 MT/ha
Skin Quality: Some Spotting
Best treatment results Total Yield 59.63 MT/ha
Number 1 Grade Tubers: 39.41 MT/ha
Skin Quality: Clean and White
Characteristics of best treatment Yield increase:  15.44 MT/ha (35%)
Number 1 Grade increase 14.78 MT/ha(60%)
Grower’s revenue from yield: (No. 1 grade) 306 $US/MT
Cost of treatment (application + material) 400 $US/ha
Net benefit of best treatment 3990 $US/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio 11
Conclusions The Multi KMg treatment out performed the existing side dressing practice in all areas measured. We are finding the timing of the applications are just as, if not more important in influencing results than rates/ha. In Australia the fresh market potatoes are currently priced significantly higher than processing – there are large benefits in improving yield and quality.

Matt Thomas, Multifert Agencies

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