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Water stress

Water stress in South Africa

Lately the Cape Green Forum issued a media release stating that there is water crisis in South Africa which is a major cause for concern and poses a serious threat to some businesses and people’s livelihoods. With this understanding, Haifa Group created fine products that have the ability when dealing with drought.



Haifa's solutions facing water stress

Drought affects plants in many ways because water drives all the processes within a plant, photosynthesis, root and vegetative growth, nutrient uptake etc. This makes the appropriate management of the very limited water availability under drought condition extremely important.
  • Haifa Multi-KTM:

Potassium is known as the main osmotic solute in plants and its accumulation in the plant cells leads to osmotic water uptake, generates the cell turgor required for growth and very much involved at the stomata opening and closure mechanism and regulation.

Adequately potassium nourished plants have better capacity to regulate its transpiration rate ensuring by that a significant higher Water Use Efficiency (WUE).

Beside the osmotic adjustment, Potassium is also regulated nitrogen metabolism by maintaining higher enzyme activities, soluble proteins, and chlorophyll content.

Haifa Multi-KTM is easily absorbed by plants via diverse application methods and therefore is the best source for increasing plant Potassium content. 

For more information on Haifa's Multi-KTM:



  • Controlled release fertilizers (CRF)- MulticoteTM :

The major benefits offered by the use of MulticoteTM Controlled release fertilizers (CRF) will be exploited. The way MulticoteTM works is to release the nutrient content over a given period of time through a process called diffusion. This involves the uptake of moisture through a polymer membrane to dissolve the nutrient core before releasing the nutrients gradually just as the plants need them. Some of the main advantages of MulticoteTM Controlled Release Fertilizers are that nutrients can’t be lost through volatization or leaching, both of which are very likely to occur under drought conditions, interspersed with heavy rainfall or irrigation events. Another advantage is that due to the correct placement of MulticoteTM 10 to 15 cm below the soil surface, directly in the root zone of the target plant, it is not only limiting competition from weeds, but also from the composting process of the mulch layer on the surface.


For more information on Haifa's MulticoteTM: