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What is the best fertilization program for flourishing mint?

Our fertilization recommendation includes all the nutrient requirements the mint – spearmint and peppermint – needs during all the growth levels

Soil should be well drained
Soil fertility requirements before planting

Fertility level required under drip irrigation

Fertility level required under sprinkler irrigation


5 – 7 nitrate nitrogen

5 – 7 nitrate nitrogen


30 ppm (Olsen)

40 ppm (Olsen)


14 ppm (when extracting with CaCl2) or F= -3200 cal/mol

ΔF= -3000 cal/mol


Fertilization requirements between harvests



Nutrient rate required
(should be low right after harvest and grow gradually parallely to plant growth)


1 kg/ha for the first week after harvest, up to 4 kg/ha for the week before next harvest. Should total 80 kg/ha of N between harvests.
In case of soilless culture the use of a high-N Poly-Feed Drip formula with ME is needed (e.g. 26-12-12 + 2MgO+ME). Apply 70 ppm N on the first week after harvest and increase it up to 120 ppm N for the week before next harvest.


Total 10 kg/ha of P2O5 (15 kg/ha of MAP) between harvests.


Total 40 kg/ha of K2O (87 kg/ha Multi-K) between harvests.

Plant tissue sampling procedures:

Stage of growth Plant Part
At midgrowth Young fully developed leaf