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Keep the stress out

Through their entire life cycle, plants are prone to various stresses that might hold back their growth.
While providing plants with the nutrition elemental for their growth, Multicote™ Stress Ready also boosts plants' resilience
towards various stresses, ensuring best performance under all conditions

Multicote™ Stim Stress Ready is designed to maximize the efficiency of nutrient uptake by the plant. 

Enhanced tolerance to stress situations 
Multicote™ Stim Stress Ready combines ingredients that strengthen the plant's capability
to withstand stress situations  caused by environmental conditions or biotic attack, letting it to retain
all the physiological processes essential for healthy growth.


Balanced nutrition over months

Multicote™ Stress Ready is based on controlled release fertilizers
that feed the plant over months. Due to the Multicote™
technology, the release is steady, and the availability of nutrients
meets plant's need at any time

How it works?



Secured micronutrients
To complete plant nutrition, Multicote™ Stim Stress Ready is enriched with chelates of iron,
manganese and zinc
– micro nutrients that are essential for healthy plant function. The chelates exclude any unwanted reaction
of the micronutrients with soil components and ensure their continuous availability for plant uptake.