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Help your crop to cope with the winter's harsh conditions

Greenhouse crops production allows continuous supply of fresh vegetables and cut flowers year-round, but even in the protected growth environment, winter conditions present challenges. With careful fertilization growers can maintain high yield during the winter and keep on serving market demands.

The winter growing season is about to start in the northern hemisphere.  The upcoming months will bring low temperatures that can drop blow 0oc, and cloudy sky that will drastically block the sun irradiation needed for effective photosynthesis.

With lack of light and low temperatures, crop development is retarded and yield production is delayed. In addition, during the winter irrigation frequency is reduced, which breaks the continuity of nutrient supply. Farmers go a great deal in order to optimize growth conditions - adding artificial lighting and heating.

Quality fertilization is crucial in this season. As plants strive to develop, any burden and disturbance will reduce yield and therefore must be avoided. This includes excessive salinity caused by sodium and chloride, and also failure of the drip system caused by insoluble particles.  

Haifa group offers high-quality water-soluble fertilizers which are virtually free of sodium and chloride. Over decades of field activity, Haifa has gained a vast experience in greenhouse crop production worldwide. Haifa's experts are acquainted with all protected growth environments – from plastic tunnels to the most sophisticated soilless and hydroponic systems. Continuous R&D enables us to suit the demands of the modern farm.

With Haifa's portfolio of water soluble plant nutrients you can create optimized fertilization program that will allow your crops to thrive under the challenging conditions of the winter season. All containing 100% pure plant nutrients, completely soluble and free of sodium and chloride, Haifa's nutritional solutions exclude any fertilizer-related problems. You may compose fertilization program that combines Multi-K potassium nitrate, Haifa MKP, Haifa Cal, Haifa Mag and Haifa Micro. You can also use Poly-Feed™ ready-made formulae that provide crops with a whole nutrition. The formulae enable perfect match to the plan's needs at any growth stage - from the establishment of the young seedlings, that requires extra care, to the stage of plant development, characterized by high demand for nutrients.
Haifa Multi-K potassium nitrateHaifa MKP - Mono-potassium phosphate 0-52-34Magnisal - Magnesium nitrate