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Foliar sprays with Haifa products increase sugar cane yield

During the growth season of 2014 a trial was carried out in Goiás, Brazil, to study the effect of the enrichment of  sugarcane nutrition with mid-season foliar sprays of Poly-Feed™ Mar and Haifa Bonus™. The results confirm that the foliar nutrition improved yield and increased the farmer’s net profit.


Trial setup

The trial was carried out in a trial station of the Association of Sugarcane farmers in Vicentinópolis, GO, Brazil.

Soil texture: medium

Sowing time:  25.4.2014

Irrigation: rain-fed









 Granular 5-25-25 at sowing



 Granular 5-25-25 at sowing

 Poly-Feed™ Mar at 210 DAP, 150 L/ha @ 3% (4.5 kg/ha)

 Haifa Bonus at 260 DAP, 200 L/ha @ 6,0% (12 kg/ha)





 Stem height (cm) 

 No. of internodes 

 Yield (ton/ha) 

 Net income (US$/ha) 












Foliar application of Poly-Feed™ Mar and Haifa Bonus™ in addition of to the soil-applied fertilizers enhanced sugarcane growth, resulting in better yield and leaving higher net profit.  

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