Poly-Feed enhanced wheat yield in Russia

Better vegetative development and higher grain yield were obtained following foliar sprays of Poly-Feed booster and Poly wheat



Wheat / Moscow 39 (winter wheat)

Country / location Russia, SPK “Rassvet”, Gorshechenskij region, Kursk area TSCHR. / Summer 2005
Objectives Increase total yield and sugar yield
Haifa product tested Poly-Feed booster (21-21-21 + Trace Elements) ; Poly-Wheat (23-7-23 + Trace Elements)
Application method Foliar nutrition
Tested treatment Two foliar sprays, both were tank-mixed with herbicides
1st - Polyfeed booster, applied at 5 kg/ham, at tillering
2nd - Poly-Wheat, applied at 5 kg/ha, at flowering.
Best treatment results 2.98 (MT/ha)
Conclusions These Polyfeed sprays enhanced the vegetative development of the plants and resulted in a 16.8% higher grain yield.
Reference LLC Agrotechnic


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