Cultivating Success: Haifa at Expo-Se 2023

The Expo-Se trade fair in Karlsruhe, Germany, held on November 22-23, 2023, saw a diverse gathering of 30 exhibitors from 12 countries and over 5,500 visitors. This premier event for asparagus and soft fruit cultivation provided Haifa, a leading provider of plant nutrition solutions, with a valuable platform to connect with stakeholders and showcase its offerings.

Expanding Reach and Engaging Growers
Marking its second consecutive year at Expo-Se, Haifa utilized its booth as a strategic hub for interactions and knowledge exchange. Our team of experts presented Haifa's comprehensive portfolio of plant nutrition products and engaged in productive conversations with growers seeking solutions to optimize their harvests.
The fair proved instrumental in strengthening Haifa's existing partnerships and forging new connections. We enjoyed productive meetings with business partners from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and France, solidifying our commitment to collaborative growth in the European market.

Highlighting HaifaStim™ KIR: A Powerhouse for Delicate Crops
A key highlight was the enthusiastic response to our recently launched product, HaifaStim™ KIR. This multi-purpose plant nutrition additive offers a powerful blend of natural ingredients that enhance plant health, stimulate growth, and improve the quality of delicate crops like asparagus and soft fruits. Growers were particularly interested in HaifaStim™ KIR's ability to:
  • Boost stress tolerance: Enhance resilience against abiotic stress factors like heat, drought, and salinity.
  • Promote root development: Strengthen root systems for improved nutrient uptake and water utilization.
  • Optimize fruit quality: Increase yield, size, and color of asparagus and soft fruits.
Overall, Haifa's participation in Expo-Se 2023 was a resounding success. We established valuable connections with growers and partners, showcased our commitment to sustainable agriculture through innovative plant nutrition solutions, and further solidified Haifa's position as a trusted leader in the asparagus and soft fruit cultivation sector.