Climate forecasts for 2022 summer

The summer of 2022 began with two unusual heat waves in the northern hemisphere and the forecasts for the rest of 2022 are not promising for the agriculture sector: The NOAA anticipates an above-normal Atlantic Hurricane Season in 2022, and according to EU officials, an exceptional drought has begun to grip significant parts of the continent, with the worst on the way.

Additionally, the climate phenomena La Niña has been going on for the third year in a row, and climate scientists predict that it will continue till the beginning of 2023. La Niña conditions typically increase the chances of below-average precipitation in parts of East Africa, Central and Southern Asia, southern South America, the southern United States, and northern Mexico and increase the chances of above-average precipitation in parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, India, Southern Africa, Central America, and northern South America. Drought or flooding problems in these locations for three years in a row might cause serious harm for growers.

Growers can overcome these climatic events by using biostimulants. Application before and after abiotic stress can help in the recovery of the plant's metabolism, as well as the reactivation of biochemical processes and enzyme synthesis required for growth. As a result, Haifa has developed the Haifa-Stim and Poly-Feed Stim line, which is a line of ready soluble NPK fertilizers + biostimulants for fertigation application.