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Haifa Blog


Haifa at the New Ag International and IFA events, Dublin 2019

After coming back after 5 days at the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) and New Ag International conferences in Dublin it is now clear that Haifa Group is one of the global leaders of specialty fertilizer solutions. From the first day it was clear that Haifa is an outstanding company among all the other who take part in the events.  

The two events Haifa was a gold sponsor to were: IFA conference on Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) and the 17th New Ag International conference and exhibition. At both events Haifa held a lecture and was opening the evening reception cocktail events.

At the IFA conference we had the chance to present the innovative coated micronutrient range. Gadi Shiftan, CRF and Biostimulants Marketing Manager presented the new products and the significant benefits they bring to the market. As most of the other presentations at the conference were about coated and slow release nitrogen, the Haifa presentation focused advanced solutions. After all, Haifa’s coated nitrogen is been around for many years already and its benefits for the growers are well-proven by the rich experience it gained.

Beside of the presentation at the conference, it was an opportunity to invite Haifa’s European CRF agronomists to attend the lectures and hold an internal meeting to discuss further aspects of the Group’s activities around the CRF products. In addition, Maarten Roelofs, VP Haifa Europe, opened the special reception evening of the IFA conference.

 After 2 and half days of the IFA conference the next event started. The 17th New Ag International conference and exhibition is a well-respected meeting point for specialty fertilizers producers and distribution companies. Haifa had a designed booth at the exhibition in which the Group presented three main themes:

  1. Haifa Plant 360⁰ approach
  2. The new NutriNet™ expert system
  3. Haifa’s involvement in the UN’s Global Compact initiative

The Haifa NutriNet™, launched just a month before the New Ag conference, is an online expert system which aims to support and optimize the process of creating customized fertilization programs. The service is free of charge for users. Gad Shahar, Haifa Group’s Chief Agronomist presented the new platform and created a real buzz and interest around it.

The Group’s commitment to follow UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while focusing on collaboration and innovation was presented at the Haifa exhibition stand. Haifa is the first specialty fertilizers company to adopt the 17 UN’s SDGs, and a lecture held during the conference about ways to measures companies’ sustainability efforts was a great opportunity for the Group to proudly show its achievement around the subject.

During the New Ag event Haifa’s General Managers of the Group’s European subsidiary met at the venue and discussed future strategy of the company. Motti Levin, Haifa Group’s CEO joined the strategic discussions and also had the opportunity to hold meeting with a few market leaders.

The New Ag reception cocktail event was also sponsored by Haifa. Natan Feldman, Haifa Group VP Marketing, Business Development and Innovation had the chance to welcome all guests at the event and briefly speak about Haifa Group next steps in the market.


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