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Haifa Blog


How do we define the IDEAL FERTILIZER?

Fertilizers are essential inputs for feeding crops in order to produce sufficient food for humanity. But they have some limitations like high percentage losses in the environment:

How do we define the IDEAL FERTILIZER?

1.The IF must cover all crop needs for one season. 

2.The IF must be applied once with no need to enter many times in the field. 

3.The IF must be protected from losses like various Nitrogen fertilizers. 

4.The IF must be protected from fixation to soil clay particles like Phosphates. 

5.The cost of application must be the minimum possible. 

6.The cost per hectare of the IF must be at least equal or less to current commodity fertilizers. 

7.The IF must withstand unfavorable weather conditions (very low temperatures, heavy rain, and stress). 

Those are the key characteristics of an IF and the big challenge of the fertilizer industry 
for the coming years. 

But, are there already products or application methods that fulfill such characteristics? 

In my next article I will name fertilizers that are interesting to watch. Such substances provide 
long period of nutrient release, fast action and full coverage of crop needs without stressing the root zone. 

MOREOVER all ideas and recommendations from you will be reviewed.

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