Inviting you to take advantage of our experience and knowledge

s the world's prime manufacturer of Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions Haifa understands and embraces its responsibility to contribute to the agriculture growers' community and to take a leading role in the intensive, sustainable agriculture sector.

We at Haifa believe that timely up-to-date knowledge in modern agriculture solutions and best practices is the primary factor in growers' economic success and has a deciding role in supporting the global food industry. Thus, we have now made its vast knowledge and expertise accessible to the agriculture community with a new, powerful on-line knowledge platform, the industry's primary environment for your knowledge needs. I would personally like to invite you to experience this unique platform - that we recently launched and that I am personally very proud of 

This platform puts Haifa's vast stores of knowledge and our expert resources right at your fingertips, wherever you are, whenever you want and allows you to share your knowledge with others as well. This 'open to all', powerful and friendly manifests Haifa's focus on the farmers' needs and challenges. It offers a set of practical tools for the farmer's daily life. You can now enjoy two user oriented interactive applications, the "Haifa U knowledge center" and the "Haifa community", which will make your access to industry knowledge much easier. 

In this unique knowledge center, available at you will find a huge store of information including crop guides, nutrition recommendations, experiments results, research data, articles in plant nutrition and applications' methods and expert software. This application also includes a friendly Lookup for solutions for your particular crops. We have used the latest web technologies and knowledge sharing methodologies all to deliver to you a successful and enjoyable experience with the platform. 

But we have not stopped there, and also added the "Haifa community", The Haifa Community is your connection with associates worldwide. Community members can share their experience, consult with experts and other growers, present growth results, publish pictures, and much more. The Haifa community helps you to keep your finger on the pulse. It brings you know-how gathered by experts, and lets you share ideas with fellow growers and get their advice, spot members with same areas of interest, follow their activity and communicate with them, read posts of Haifa experts and other Community members and comment on them, write your own posts and get feedbacks. 

You may tell others on your work or on events you attended, share your experience, raise a question, start a discussion, or upload any other relevant content. Your feedback will also be highly appreciated and will help up grow this valuable platform further to your benefit and that of the entire Agri community. We at Haifa are very proud to be the ones to first establish this exciting platform for the Agri community and will continue to do our very best to pioneer the way forward to a better world. 

So sign up and join us at https://www.haifa-group web site. 

Natan Feldman 
Marketing Sales VP Haifa Chemicals Ltd