Zeleni Hit - a surprise stop during a family vacation

The beautiful city of Zagreb was the starting point for a pleasant spring break family vacation to Croatia. As we planned to dedicate some time to visit some attractions on the eastern part of the country we drove east on the E70. It was not too far from Zagreb when I noticed a roadside sign directing to Zeleni Hit.

Roadside sign on Rd. E70With Rajko Jambrosic and Haifa products at the Zeleni Hit warehouse

Located in Dragošička, Zeleni Hit is business partner of Haifa Group for already 20 years. It is a well-established distributor of farming equipment and products. Although it was not planned, I decided to pay a surprise visit and by that, show my family the kind of relationship we develop with Haifa distributors worldwide.

Rajko Jambrosic, the managing director of Zeleni Hit was indeed surprised. We know each other for many years and recently met in Israel during the Haifa customers’ meeting.  The very warm welcome we received gave us all the filling we just popped for a visit to a Croatian relative.

Rajko later showed us around the Zeleni Hit warehouse. The wide range of Haifa products they provide the local growers with is impressive and includes; Poly-Feed™, Haifa Cal Prime, Haifa Turbo-K™ and more.Zeleni Hit's branded truck