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Haifa Blog


Know your turf – learn from the turf expert

In a three-part lecture, turf expert Dr. Adriano Altissimo shares his vast knowledge on growing turf
Know your turf – learn from the turf expert
Highlight topics include: 
• Warm season or cold season grasses – which one suits your area 
• Avoid "hostile takeover" by one specie when combining several species 
• Supply your turf with proper nutrition - Choosing the best turf fertilizer 
• Proper turf mowing – the right heights for best results 
• In some conditions, turf can recover from severe stress 

In each part of the lecture Dr. Altissimo addresses several issues concerning turf management: 

Part I: Turf morphology, and the difference between warm-season grass and cold-season grass. Click to watch: 

Part II: The effect of climate on different turf species. Click to watch: 

Part III: The ideal sowing time in different climates; turf disease; the ways to achieve proper turf nutrition. Click to watch: 

About the Lecturer: Dr. Adriano Altissimo is the owner and R&D manager of Landlab Study Associated, Quinto Vicentino, Italy. 

** Choosing the best turf fertilizer ** Know your turf – learn from the turf expert

Haifa's Multigreen™ is your ideal turf fertilizer – it fully addresses all turf growth factors and supplies it with the proper nutrition, thus helping you grow vigorous, excellent-looking turf. Learn more about the Multigreen™ turf 

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