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Crop Guide: Turf Nutrition Products

Haifa's nutritional programs for turf combine the special benefits of take special benefits of Multigreen™ (Multicote™ Turf) controlled release fertilizers and MUltiVerdo™ (Multi-K™)  potassium nitrate.

Crop Guide: Turf weed control

The availability of nutritional elements, particularly nitrogen, influences the development of weeds and unwanted grasses.

Crop Guide: Turf nutritional programs

Haifa’s nutritional concept considers the various factors that affect the growth of the turf plant,
the physiological processes that occur, and the associated nutritional demands.

Best management practices for turf and lawn fertilization | Dr. Mike Stewart

The first step in the establishment of an attractive and functional lawn or any other turf area is the is the selection of an appropriate grass. An adequate fertilization program is among the affecting turf quality. Proper fertilization is often the most important factors most cost-effective means of achieving an attractive lawn.

Optimal plant nutrition for sports field turf

Q: What are the controlled release fertilizer recommendations for sports field turf?

For golf courses, sports fields, public and private lawns.

Multicote Turf controlled release turf fertilizer offer an innovative approach for turf nutrition that fully addresses all Turf growth factors, providing optimized fertilization programs for every combination of turf species, climate conditions, and maintenance level.


Haifa has a wide range of turf fertilizers:

  • Multicote Turf / Multigreen - controlled release turf fertilizers.
  • Formulae with mini granules are available for close-cut turf.
  • Multi-K Turf / MultiVerdo provides rapidly available potassium nitrate.
  • Hi-Green™ methylene urea based fine granulated products.



What is the secret for a great turf?



Multicote™ Turf / Multigreen™

Controlled release fertilizer
Multicote Turf Mini 24-0-24 (85-0-50% coated)

Particle size

  • 90% between 0.7-2 mm.


  • Multicote Turf is programmed to release nutrients over 4 months at soil temperature of 21oC. The release rate depends on soil temperature.


  • 25kg polyethylene bag.
  • 1000kg bag.


  • Fertilizer for turf – golf courses, sports fields, public and domestic lawns.
Total Nitrogen (N) 24%
Nitrate-nitrogen (N-NO3) 7.1%
Urea nitrogen (N-NH2) 16.9%
Soluble potash (K2O) 24%

Derived from: Potassium nitrate and Urea.

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