Optimal plant nutrition for sports field turf

Q: What are the controlled release fertilizer recommendations for sports field turf?

A: Multicote turf controlled release fertilizer offer an innovative approach for turf nutrition, that fully addresses all turf growth factors. However, it is difficult to suggest you a recommended fertilization program because it depends on many factors that should be taken into consideration such as: grass species, soil characteristics, climate, grass uses and condition.

In general, for each growth phase you should use fertilizer with different NPK formula:

High P Formula – A starter fertilizer for either new turf placement or for re-seeding between seasons.

High N formula – When there is need to speed up the leaf growth (in high-traffic areas, such as athletic fields).

High K formula – For maintenance phase, to strengthen the turf health and prevent diseases when there is no need in fast leaf growth (golf fields for example).

I suggest you to consult with agronomist to determine the complete fertilization program (amount and schedule).

Good luck, Gadi