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Haifa Blog


Meet FoliMatch™ – your foliar feeding advisor

The new app from Haifa will let you know if the conditions for foliar feeding are optimal, alongside serving as a foliar fertilizer calculator

Meet FoliMatch™ – your foliar feeding advisor

After FertiMatch™, the assistant in fertigation calculations, and FloraMatch™, for predicting controlled release nutrition, Haifa proudly presents its latest installment in the mobile apps for growers: FoliMatch™ - the foliar feeding assistant. 

The app has two main functions: 1. Based on the grower's location, the weather conditions and other parameters, the app notifies if the conditions for foliar feeding are optimal / not optimal / not suitable. 

2. FoliMatch™ serves as a fertilizer calculator, with regard to a variety of crops and specific growth stages. Once entering the relevant information, including area and tank size, the app will calculate the amount of fertilizer needed in each tank. The user can adjust the concentration and spray volume within the pre-defined limits. Once receiving the final result, the user can export it via email. 

Haifa's FoliMatch™ app has an interface in 11 languages and is available for iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets), and will soon be available for Windows Phone. 

Download it on: 
Google play – 
iTunes –  
Windows phone store - 

For any question, remark or idea to improve FoliMatch™, please send us an email to: 

For the full Haifa agriculture apps portfolio, visit:

Meet FoliMatch™ – your foliar feeding advisor

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