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Haifa Blog


Meet our expert: PhD. José Manuel Fontanilla Puerto, Haifa Iberia's marketing manager

Holding a PhD. from the Universidad de Córdoba, Spain, he joined Haifa Group 11 years ago and became a leading team member in Haifa Iberia.

Meet our expert: PhD. José Manuel Fontanilla Puerto, Haifa Iberia's marketing manager

José Manuel lives in Seville, the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region. It is an area known for its winter cereal, corn and sunflower fields.

Since 2005 Sharing Knowledge is José Manuel's daily routine. You can meet him lecturing in seminars for growers and distributers across Spain. He shares his knowledge and latest experiments, and make sure that any grower he meets will benefit from the vast experience he owns.

One of his recent experiments was done in collaboration with the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA), Moncada (Valencia). The experiment dealt with the effect of foliar applications of potassium on the production, quality, and nutritional status of Nules Clementine, a popular citrus fruit. One of the conclusions of this two years long experiment was that there is a clear tendency to acquire fruits with increased weight and size when foliar applications of K are carried out, and this tendency increases with the use of three applications of Haifa Bonus™.

Besides of his frequent field and seminar visits, José Manuel is leading Haifa Iberia's online marketing activities with an active Facebook channel, Twitter account and some of the top viewed blogs on the Haifa Group website.

Among his colugos in Haifa Group José Manuel is known as the one that "you can ask him about any crop from soft fruit barriers to citrus and almonds – and he knows them all and can provide a professional advice and recommendations"

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