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Pomegranate fertilization: supplying the right fertilizers for optimal plant nutrition

How to use Haifa's fertilizers to supply the pomegranate trees with the all the nutrients needed for high yield and excellent fruit quality

Mexico: Apple trees fertigation and foliar feeding plan


A thorough fertilization program, in accordance with the month of the year and the tree's physiological stage



Month Physiological stage

Nutrient requirement (kg/ha)

How to get better yield from apple tress in Benelux & Germany

Haifa's fertilization recommendation for providing the apple tree with all the needed nutrients


Soil type: Sandy loam- clay.
Plant population: 300 trees/ha.
Expected yield: 40 T/ha.




A complete fertilization program for olive trees

Follow our thorough recommendation, including a program for foliar spraying and a fertilization recommendation for olive trees in spain

Crop Guide: Olives

Index: Origin and history Plant description and physiology Worldwide cultivation of olives Olive cultivars Yields  

Grapes-table: Nutrient deficiencies

Grapes-table: Macro nutrients - P (phosphate)


Haifa Solution:


Success story: Poly-Feed ™ fertilizer in almond crop cultivation


 Learn how Haifa Poly-Feed™ helped Spanish Almond grower answer the need for cultivating efficiently for optimum  growth

Almond fertilization

Contents Tree morphology and more Flower and Pollination Cultivation description Planting Design, Training, Pruning Propagation Harvest and postharvest handling