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Haifa Blog


Meeting Hazera agronomists at Haifa's R&D center

As part of our main principle of sharing knowledge we had the pleasure of hosting Hazera agronomists for a full day professional Seminar on advanced plant nutrition. Hazera is a global leader in the seed industry. Hazera breeds, develops, produces and markets varieties and seeds in a wide range of vegetable crops around the world.

The first part of the seminar was a visit to the Haifa R&D center at the historic Aaronson farm. Haifa’s chief agronomist Gad Shahar and the Group’s R&D agronomist Aviel Tzur presented the latest trials. Hazera experts were introducing with the innovative Haifa fertilizers and applications that are being tested at the R&D center.

The second part of the day held at Haifa Group’s HQ. It included presentations by Haifa agronomists. The presentations focused on the Haifa plant nutrition solutions for vegetables and the Haifa approach for precise fertilization. Haifa team also introduced the company’s cutting edge digital marketing strategy, including a detailed presentation about the NutriNet™ software.

NutriNet™ is a new online service for growers and agronomy experts, aiming to optimize fertilization programs. It is a powerful tool made to plan irrigation schemes and Nutrigation™ (fertigation) programs considering actual growth conditions.

We are always happy to host colleagues from the agriculture industry, and to share knowledge in order to promote modern and efficient crop management.

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