Spring planting of summer crops

Spring is the time to plant summer crops, as the weather conditions are favorable for plant development. In this stage the plant is at its most vulnerable state any stress or delay in plant growth will affect future yield and plant strength for the rest of the seasons.

To ensure efficient establishment of the plant: 
Fertilization in this stage must be highly efficient both in nutrient composition and manner of application. At the fragile stage in plant development the seedling root system is not yet developed, if the fertilizers is not applied close to the seedling nutrient uptake will not be efficient and nutrient will be wasted. For example, Phosphorus which is highly needed for root is less mobile and if not implemented near the seedling it will not be available for root uptake. 
Fertilizer application must suit plant development needs and physiology.

If drip irrigation system is used, make sure every seedling has a dripper supplying water and nutrients to each seedling, another option is a precises application of controlled released fertilizer in close proximity to each seedlin. One application can support plant develpmant for the whole crop cycle. In additon, nutrient ratio within the fertilization program should be with a high ration of phosphorus to support the rapid development of the plant in this stages.

Haifa Group offers solutions for assuring plant establishment such as Poly Feed with high phosphorus content to be applied in these crucial stages, CRF formula which are tailor made to suit each stage of crop development and biostimulant that boost plant development and enhance plant tolerance to biotic and a biotic stress.

Please check Haifa's Nutrinet for fertilization program for your crop.