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Haifa Blog


Multicote™: Quality products for quality crops

Committed to deliver plant nutrition solutions that integrate premium products, profound knowledge and innovative technologies, we regard the quality of our products as a prerequisite for the grower’s success. Thus, we invest and make continuous efforts to make sure that our production facilities and products comply with the strictest standards. 
Our production facility in France, where the Multicote™ line of controlled release fertilizer is produced, holds a whole set of quality certificates: RHP Certificates, approving the products for potting soil industry, and ISO certificates, that guarantee the quality and the safety of the production, as well as complying with environmental standards.
Recently, the production plant was granted a
FPR (EU) 2019/1009  certified by KIWA, assuring quality and production standards of CMC 9 (Polymers).
The quality we produce is attributed, first and foremost, to people – our production and lab teams in France, a devoted crew led by Nicolas Tinetti, Brigitte Michel, and Quentin Hivet.
There are several ways to regulate the release of plant available nutrients to the soil, offering different levels of performance and efficiency. Based on advanced polymer coating technology, Multicote™ products provide steady plant nutrition over months, with an unmatched reliability.
So when you purchase Multicote™ products you can be sure that you get products of premium quality that will provide your crops with their growth necessities throughout the season – for maximum efficiency and best yields.      


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