Nutri Haitech™ - proven results!

During an international meeting of Haifa’s Multicote™ team that we held in Italy last month, we visited a commercial plot of processing tomatoes that take advantage of Haifa Nutri Haitech™

The visit to the field was a good opportunity to experience using Croptune™ - the innovative app that analyses the crop’s nutritional status in real time.
We were very pleased when the app confirmed that Haifa’s nutritional solution supports optimal growth.
Clearly, Multicote™ Agri application at planting provides a strong base for the whole season.

Multicote™ Agri offers a significant value for the grower:
High nutrient use efficiency (NUE) 
Positive environmental impact: near-zero emissions of nitrous gases and near-zero losses by leaching 
• Labor saving: Single application per season provides continuous nutrition over months; With global problem of manpower availability, Multicote™ Technology helps taking one task off the grower's busy mind.

Use MultiMatch™ to suit Multicote™ Agri formula to specific crop and growth conditions - for best growth results and NUE.     


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