Haifa’s Nutri Haitech offers comprehensive nutritional solutions for precision agriculture, designed to make your operations more sustainable and efficient, reduce waste and pollution, and of course, increase yields. The Nutri HaiTech advanced solutions combine plant nutrients that are targeted at the plant’s needs, paired with cutting edge, easy-to-use, ergonomic apps that empower you to create optimal fertilization plans for any terrain or weather conditions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your field practices and join the global movement towards a more sustainable agriculture.

Precision plant nutrition cannot be achieved without acquaintance with crop needs and understanding of the many factors that affect plant growth, nutrient consumption, and fertilizer behavior.

Haifa’s whole solutions, that address plant needs, growth conditions, and growers’ habits, are based on profound knowledge and vast experience earned over decades of R&D, alongside field work worldwide.

plant nutrition technology

A selection of advanced digital tools is available for you to manage plant nutrition in the most professional manner. With these tools, which are based on extensive databases of crop requirements, you can prepare plant nutrition programs, monitor nutritional status in real-time, and decide upon the right timing for fertilizer application. The Nutri Haitech technologies help you optimize your plant nutrition practices – for maximum benefits and best yield.

Nutri Haitech™ solutions are based on top-quality products, covering the whole range of plant nutrients, and designed for efficient application that perfectly matches your crops’ needs all through the growth cycle, with minimum work and maximum efficiency. All Haifa products are composed of 100% pure plant nutrients and are free of sodium and chloride.

Healthy plant growth requires large amounts of nitrogen and potassium, so these elements must be supplied regularly.

Water soluble fertilizers

Haifa’s broad family of water soluble fertilizers covers the entire range of plant nutrients required for optimal plant nutrition.

Controlled Release Fertilizers

The most reliable and effective way to make the availability of nutrients coincide with plant requirements is by controlling their release into the soil solution, using controlled release fertilizers.

Granular NPK

Haifa Turbo-K™: a new grade of complex NPK granule generated from Multi-K™ Potassium Nitrate. The ultimate solution for maximizing yield and plant strength


HaifaStim™ nutritional supplements provide the plant optimal conditions to improve the entire growth system, enhance plants development and get superior results and higher yields.


Water soluble chelated micronutrients for Nutrigation™ and foliar application.

Better for the plant, better for the planet

Precision agriculture practices that address crop’s needs and react to actual growth conditions, maximize the efficiency of all resources. With less inputs that allow production of more yield of better quality, precision agriculture is not only economically beneficial, but also essential to protect our planet and to ensure the sustainability of the world’s food supply.

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