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Haifa Blog


The Orange Exhibition: showcasing Haifa Turbo-K™ advantages

The citrus growers showed great interest in Haifa's granular NPK fertilizers, and learned about their benefits when growing in saline soil

The Orange Exhibition: showcasing Haifa Turbo-K™ advantages

Haifa South East Europe proudly participated in the 1st Orange exhibition, conducted in Argos, Peloponnese Region, Greece. The event was organized by the "Agia Kyriaki" cultural-educational association. 

The setting of the festive exhibition was perfect, with orange orchards surrounding us. We presented the Haifa Turbo-K™ range of granular NPK fertilizers, which caught the attention of the citrus growers. We also encountered growers who replaced their previously used fertilizers with Haifa Turbo-K™, and expressed their satisfaction with the initial results. 

Since salinity is the major problem concerning the citrus growers in the peloponnese region, 
The farmers quickly realized the benefits of the Haifa Turbo-K™ series and its immediate effect on plants. 

The event was honored by the presence of several official bodies from the local ministry of agriculture and rural development. The closing event was very heartwarming, with children demonstrating traditional dances and music. 


The Orange Exhibition: showcasing Haifa Turbo-K™ advantages

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