Presenting Haifa NutriNet™ in New Ag Conference, Dublin

Before I present Haifa's new revolutionary software NutriNet I'd like to talk about Haifa's approach for many years now: 


The first thing is to provide all the growers needs
secondly to feed plants precisely by providing the 4r's, that are: Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place

and of course the 4P strategy in precise nutrition:
Precise Product, Precise Time, Precise Place and Precise Dosage.

Lastly, from our visits to growers around the globe, we discovered the growers changing needs. We are always looking for those needs inorder to bring a new

On top of all these three approchaes, comes the knowledge sharing, that's where NutriNet™ enters in. 

The new Haifa's NutriNet™ System is on air since the begining of February 2019. This software is offering rich and updated database on crops and Haifa solutions.
generated step by step Nutrigation™ / Fertigation  program, even a fertilization program.
The software is responsive to dynamic changes and adjusted according to the growing condition, and to top it all
it's a cloud based software so you can manage, edit and store fertilization programs. 

This service is FREE Of Charge so everybody can go in and use this great platform.
Currently it is translated to 4 languages, but it will be in 12 different languages like Haifa website.



The main benefits of NutriNet™: 
When we talk about database, we want more rich & updated crop requirements. The idea is always to be updated because the varaieties are changing
and we need to update our recipe in order to maximize and optimize the yield the outcomes of those crops.

We can make customized Nutrigation™ program more accurate and to fit the program to changing conditions 
And the biggest advantage is that it's not only a calculator or a spreadshit, it's a tool for managing all the tasks there need.

Main capabilities:
Firstly the grower receives localized nutrient requirements and fertilization recommendations and of course fertilizers recommended as per availability at the tracked location.

I discussed earlier about being the program being responsive to actual crop and growing condition (soil, water, plant tissue analysis).
The program generates first instance as a default Haifa solution and then the grower can take those programs he made and make his own qualification for his personal needs and requirements   

The creation of a new program is quite simple and as I mentioned before it's really a step by step questioner.
As you enter NutriNet™ you can see at the top of the screen you can click on the "User Manual" with all the instructions needed or click here.

When you reach the end of the questionaire and submit all the information needed 
you will receive a full report and get a complete work plan with the following:

  •  A detailed fertilization program document
  •  Nutritional needs by growth stage
  • Kind and quantity of fertilizers needed for each growth stage
  • Detailed recipe of fertilizer for each tank
  • Links to more related knowledge

You can also export this work plan as PDF or even share it online.

Watch me in my presentation from New Ag International Conference 2019: