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Haifa Blog


Reviving the oak forest - with Multicote™ Inside

When you think of the landscape of the Land of Israel, forest is not the first thing that comes to mind. But long ago, parts of Israel were covered by oak forests. Where has the forest gone? During the 2nd half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century the trees were cut for industrial uses and to fuel the steam locomotives, while the developed citrus agriculture in the Israeli coastal plain contributed its share to the continuous destruction of the forest along the 20th century.


One man's dream comes true

Leap in time back to our days, Ofer Bindel, an Israeli farmer and mechanical engineer, set a vision: to revive the oak forest that inhabited the area around the city of Hadera. 11 years ago, armed with enthusiasm and creativity, he started to collect acorns, produce plants and place them in the Sharon National park. Some 1200 trees have already been planted, and additional 1500 are planned. Ofer's entire project is based on donations and volunteering, and here Haifa enters the picture.


Give them a great start

To support the growth of the newly planted oaks and to improve establishment in the park, they are fertilized with Multicote™ Agri (12) 30-6-8. Each plant receives about 200 grams at planting, which ensures continuous feeding throughout the first year. In the following years the trees will be fertilized according to Haifa's protocol of Multicote™ Agri for young trees.

Learn about the benefits of Multicote™ Agri for young trees.


Supporting sustainable development

Beside the fertilizer donation, Haifa is also proud to take part in the planting work. Groups of workers from Haifa Headquarters went to the park, planted trees and practiced application of Multicote™ Agri.

Haifa's involvement in this project that takes care of environment and community is part of our commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


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