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Multicote™ Agri Junior

The best start for your orchard


From the nursery environment to plantations at the open field, the first three years of a fruit tree's life require special care.

Multicote™ Agri Junior controlled release fertilizer supplies precise nutrition, a basic need for the young trees.  Taking advantage of Multicote™ polymer coating technology, a single application of Multicote™ Agri Junior provides steady, continuous nutrition over months.



Better for the tree, great for the grower

♦  Faster growth

♦ Thicker trunk

♦ Early fruit bearing

♦ Regulated canopy     development

♦  Reduced fertilization costs

♦ No bothers about fertilization   equipment

♦ Optimal nutrients use efficiency

♦ Vigorous plants


♦  Click here to discover in detailed application guidelines 


Multicote™ Technology - how it works 

Multicote™ Agri Junior is based on the Multicote™ polymer coating technology. After application in the soil, the fertilizer granules absorb water and release plant-available nutrients in a gradual manner. Thus, single application per year ensures continuous, steady plant nutrition, with neither hazardous excesses nor deficiencies that might disturb plant development and harm yield.




Proven results

Trials and observations worldwide have proven that Multicote™ Agri Junior improves the establishment and enhances the development of young fruit trees.



Stroger trees • Early fruit bearing • Higher yield

Pictures taken 18 months after planting.

Multicote™ Agri Junior: 1st harvest at year 3 after planting.

Conventional: 1st harvest at year 5 after planting.



“With Multicote™ Agri Junior I can stop bothering about fertilization equipment, operating and handling technical failures.

I now enjoy this fertilization product that I can rely on.”  

Avocado grower, Israel




Single application • Reduced application rates • Larger trees

The pictures show 2nd year plum trees. The conventional plot (left) received 50 grams N

and 50 grams K per tree by monthly applications of conventional granular fertilizers.

The Multicote™ Agri Junior plot received 26 grams N, 3 grams P, and 12 grams K per tree - by single application.

See the difference!





“First year growth is impressive. The trunks are thicker and stronger, and the foliage gives a perfect coverage. With this experience I will definitely use Multicote™ Agri Junior in future plantings.”

Wine grapes grower, France



 Download Application Guidelines


 Download Product Brochure