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Haifa Blog


Tips to successfully prepare for fall growing

After a long and hot summer that was tough to work outside, the days began to shorten and the temperature to decrease, and we have now a lot of work to do. Besides finishing the summer crops harvest, we must be ready for the cold season (in the northern half of the globe) and prepare the soil and plants for the next season.


Deciduous and other fruit trees: A proper post-harvest fertilization of deciduous orchards is highly important. High density orchards are likely to come under stress after the harvest, and replenishing the tree’s reserves for next season is a needed. Next season growth potential is determined by the nutritional reserves that have been built up in the buds at leaf fall. See recommendation for apple orchard here:


Seedlings for protected cultivation vegetables: The production of vegetables starts with the production of seedlings, which must be healthy, vigorous with well-developed roots to ensure rapid and uniform growth and decrease growth delay due to stress at the time of transplant. Read here how to produce the best seedlings:


Open field crops: The first stage for open field production is soil preparation and pre-planting fertilizer application (base dressing application) according to the fertilization program. The fertilization program must be adequate to compensate for the amount of fertilizer taken out of the soil by the previous crop and to fulfill the demands of the crop that will be grown. To calculate the precise amount of fertilizer, a soil analysis is recommended to establish the nutritional state of the soil. After analyzing the soil it you can jump into NutriNet™, our free online service for growers and agronomy experts, that builds you up a whole fertilization program and takes into consideration the soil nutrients status, irrigation water and plant tissue analysis in the later stage that gives you with precise fertilization recommendations and nutrient requirements. Start planning your winter crops with Haifa NutriNet here.


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