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Haifa Blog


Wheat foliar feeding

One of the benefits of foliar feeding is growth boosting at specific times during the crop growing cycle. When given at a precise timing the foliar nutrition lead to growth and yield improvement. Certain phases of plant development are highly important in determining the final yield. A foliar nutrition precisely given during these specific phenology stages ensures optimal growth, and best possible yield. In relatively low concentrations at these critical stages, foliar nutrition boosts physiological processes of the plant, ensures optimal development, and contributes significantly to higher yields and better quality.

A several wheat foliar feeding trials done in Russia, Brazil, and Argentina shows that foliar feeding achieve better results comparing the common practices.

Haifa's foliar feeding recommendation for wheat:
Wheat, Target Yield = 4-6 MT/Ha

Foliar application
Product Poly-Feed™ 19-19-19+1MgO+ME Poly-Feed™ 21-11-21+2MgO+ME
Application rate 5 kg/ha 5 kg/ha
Spray Conc. / Volume 200-400 l/ha 200-400 l/ha
Application frequency Every 14 days Every 14 days
Growth stage
Stage duration (days) Tillering
Stem extension

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