Multi-K™ Potassium nitrate – the best source of potassium for plants

Multi-K™ provides pure plant nutrition
Unlike other potassium fertilizers, Multi-K™ potassium nitrate contains only elements which are essential for plant growth - potassium (K+), and nitrogen in the form of nitrate (NO3-). Thus, it is consumed by plants completely, leaving no contaminating residues in the soil.

Multi-K™ is efficient and effective
The synergy between the potassium cation and the nitrate anion facilitates uptake of both by the roots, allowing the plant to utilize the nutrients more efficiently.

Multi-K™ combats salinity
Multi-K™ counteracts uptake of harmful chloride and sodium from the soil and the irrigation water, thus preventing both salinity and specific toxicity damages. Multi-K™ is highly recommended for salt-sensitive crops, and when using irrigation water of poor quality.

Multi-K™ saves water
When using fertilizers with a high salt index, extra irrigation is required to remove the salts and prevent harmful build-up of salinity. Due to its low salt index, Multi-K™ eliminates the need for irrigation, and saves water.