Precision Agriculture at a Click!


Haifa Group signed a MOU with AgrIOT.
According to the MOU, Haifa Group will invest in AgrIOT, a company that develops innovative technology which monitors nutrient deficiencies and provides recommendations for treating agricultural crops via smartphone.

The unique technology will be added to Haifa Group’s product mix, which is sold in more than 100 countries, while strengthening its core values – innovation and knowledge sharing. 
Motti Levin, CEO of Haifa Group: “The collaboration with AgrIOT is a significant breakthrough in the world of precision agriculture and will lead to a dramatic increase in crop volume wherever it is applied”.

The revolutionary technology developed by AgrIOT integrates science and technology and enables the identification of nutrient deficiencies in the three main nutrients essential to plant health (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium).  In this era of technology developments and rising demand for agricultural production, precision farming has become of great interest. As well as its ease of use, AgrIOT technology will contribute to reducing future costs for farmers, while making the identification process more effective and precise and allowing for frequent monitoring of development.

The unique technology is based on machine learning principles and manages to diagnose the precise shortfall in nutrient uptake on the basis of a simple photograph that can be taken on any smartphone. Plant nutrient deficiency is one of the most challenging and most worrying problems among farmers in Israel and around the world, and existing methodologies are based primarily on a relatively lengthy process of examining plant samples under laboratory conditions and using manual calculations. Use of the innovative application will enable simple, available, immediate and fast identification for farmers.

Motti Levin, CEO, Haifa Group: “Haifa Group invests heavily in the development of advanced agricultural technologies and markets crop treatment products of the highest quality and greatest efficacy to farmers globally. It is not by chance that ‘Haifa’ is considered a leading global brand in specialty fertilizers and that it is an important and innovative player in the international market. The collaboration with AgrIOT is a significant breakthrough that will make a great contribution to promoting the international agriculture industry”.

Natan Feldman, VP Marketing, Haifa Group: “‘Haifa Group is a strong and leading global brand. Its quality products alongside advanced and innovative logistic-technology service together create an outstanding mix, which has global recognition among distributors and farmers everywhere. Nutrient deficiency is the most complex and worrying issue faced by the agricultural world and we anticipate great demand for this latest technology”.

Nir Gilad, Chairman, AgrIOT: “When Professor Yiftach Ben Asher (one of the world’s pioneers in drip irrigation) and Assaf Sufa first came to see me and invited me to join, I realized they had developed a groundbreaking technology. The group of researchers and entrepreneurs who developed the technology come from the leading edge in this field. Together they successfully combined the worlds of science and technology from diverse areas of interest in order to create a revolutionary technology to serve the farmer. We are pleased about the strategic collaboration with Haifa Group and wish for continued success and prosperity”.

Assaf Sufa, AgrIOT Co-founder: “The connection with Haifa Group completely matches the vision we defined at the outset: to make precision agriculture accessible to every farmer in a simple, straightforward way – one that is easy to operate without being dependent on hardware, infrastructures or dedicated instruments. Collaboration with Haifa Group will enable AgrIOT to advance to the next phase, which includes expansion of the range of crops that can be calibrated and implementation of the technology on a variety of vertical platforms (drones, planes and satellites), which will directly affect the area of farmland that can be treated”.


About AgrIOT

Founded in 2017, AgrIOT is located in the Sdot Negev Regional Council area. The company’s technology specializes in real-time monitoring of plant nutrient uptake via smartphone cameras. AgrIOT is owned by Nir Gilad and Assaf Sufa and Katif Laboratories.