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Noordgrens Landgoed farm, Limpopo Province, RSA

A trial was carried out to evaluate the efficiency of Multicote™ Agri (8) 24-6-13 (“Juvenile” formula) in non-bearing citrus groves. Trial trees: Star Ruby grapefruit on Rough Lemon rootstock. Conventional orchard was planted in 2004, bearing its first crop in 2009. The Multicote™ Agri orchard was established in 2010 and first harvest was taken in 2013 (2 years earlier than the conventional methods).

Both orchards were planted on sandy, nutrient-poor soils. The pictures below depict that Multicote™ Agri significantly enhanced establishment and initial growth


​Conventional, 18 months after planting

Conventional, 18 months after planting

  • Fertilizer applied monthly 
  • 8 applications since planting 
  • 1st Harvest: Year 5 after planting 21.7 tons per ha
  • 1nd harvest: year 6 after planting 41.5 tons per ha


Multicote™ Agri, 18 months after planting​

  • Single fertilizer application, 6 months after planting 
  • 1st Harvest: year 3 after planting 26 tons per ha
  • 2nd harvest: year 4 after planting 42 tons per ha

The data is courtesy of Francois Dillman owner of the farm Noordgrens Landgoed in Limpopo Province and Arthur Lilford of Terason.