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Cucumber Crop

Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Cucumber Protected Soil

Cucumber growth stages
Cucumber Protected Soil, Target Yield = 120 MT/Ha Foliar application

Cucumber crop guide: All there is to know about cucumber crop nutrition & cucumber fertilizer

This thorough crop guide covers all the aspects of cucumber plant nutrition: growth stages, how to grow cucumbers, fertilization recommendation and much more


Fertilization of cucumber in various growing methods

Either grown in open field, greenhouse or tunnel, Haifa's fertilizers supply all the required nutrients in order to improve yield and marketability


1. Open-field

Plant density of 30,000 – 40,000 / ha.
Expected yield of 25 – 35 Ton / ha.


Crop Guide: Cucumber Fertilization Recommendations

Index Nutrients demand/uptake/removal Generic fertilizers recommendations General fertilizing principles for cucumbers

Crop Guide: Cucumber

Index The origin of cucumbers Botanical taxonomy Nutritional and health values of the cucumber fruit Plant description

Fertigation recipes for selected crops in the Mediterranean region

Abstract: Fertigation increases efficient use of water and fertilizers, produces higher yields, improves quality of the production and protects environment. To ensure uniform distribution of water and fertilizers, the irrigation system must be properly designed and operated.

How to improve cucumber marketability in china

Compared to a local potassic fertilizer, Multi-K proved superiority by improving frost hardiness and marketability  

Cucumber fertilizer requirements for various growing methods

Either grown in open field, greenhouse or tunnel, Haifa's fertilizers supply all the required nutrients in order to improve yield and marketability

Multi-K™ - a range of potassium nitrate fertilizers



Multi-K™, Haifa’s potassium nitrate, is a unique source of potassium by its nutritional value, fertilization efficiency, application considerations and environmental impact.
Multi-K™ contains 100% plant macronutrients - potassium (K) and nitrate-nitrogen (N-NO3). Plants absorb the nutrients from Multi-K™ rapidly and efficiently, in a balanced manner.
Multi-K™ potassium nitrate increases yields and improves quality in vegetables, field crops, fruit trees and flowers.


6 things you should know about Multi-K™ potassium nitrate


The benefits of Multi-K™ potassium nitrate

Stronger & healthier plants
 Higher yield and better quality
 Water saving
 Counteracting salinity damages

Multi-K™ is a necessity for chloride-sensitive crops.

The presence of nitrate in Multi-K™ enables the plant to minimize its uptake of chloride,
whenever this damaging anion is present in the soil solution or in the irrigation water.


How the potassium in Multi-K™ helps your plants?



The Multi-K™ range

Multi-K™ potassium nitrate is available in a variety of compositions, to suit specific crop requirements and growth environments.
Multi-K™ is suitable for Nutrigation™ (Fertigation) and foliar fertilization.
Multi-K™ Prills are ideal for direct soil application. Special grades of Multi-K™ potassium nitrate meet the requirements of greenhouses, soilless systems and hydroponics

Learn how to choose the right potassium nitrate product for your crops

Multi-K™ GG
Greenhouse-grade potassium nitrate, 13.5-0-46.2

Multi-K™ Classic
Crystalline potassium Nitrate 13-0-46 

Multi-K pHast
Low-pH potassium nitrate, 13.5-0-46.2

Multi-K™ Reci
Potassium nitrate with extra-low sodium content for recirculated systems, 13.5-0-46.5


Enriched products

Potassium nitrate enriched with Phosphate
13-3-43 | 13-2-44 | 12-2-44 | 13-5-42

Multi-K™ Mg
Potassium nitrate enriched with Magnesium
12-0-44+1MgO | 12-0-43+2MgO | 11-0-40+4MgO | 12-2-43+1MgO | 12-0-43+1MgO+ME

Multi-K™ Zn
Potassium nitrate enriched with Zinc
11-0-40+4Zn | 12-0-43+2Zn | 13-0-44+1Zn

Multi-K™ S
Potassium nitrate enriched with Sulfate 12-0-46+4SO3

Multi-K™ B
Potassium nitrate enriched with Boron 12-0-42+1B

Multi-K™ ME
Potassium nitrate enriched with micronutrients 13-0-45+ME


Multi-K™ Prills

Multi-K™ Prills
Potassium nitrate prills 13-0-46

Multi-npK™ prills
Potassium nitrate enriched with Phosphate 12-3-43 | 13-2-44

Multi-™Mg prills
Potassium nitrate enriched with Magnesium
12-0-44+1MgO | 11-0-39+4MgO | 12-0-42+2MgO