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Haifa Blog


Visiting the heart of Turkey's agriculture

As part of my job as marketing manager of Haifa’s water soluble fertilizers I visited our new offices in Turkey.

Turkey is surely known for its warm hospitality, excellent food and delicious baklava, but not many are familiar with the fact that the Turkish horticulture is an advanced industry.  Antalya, where the Haifa office is located, is an important agricultural center with its ecological practicability. In fact, agriculture is as important as tourism in Antalya’s economy. Over 20% of Antalya’s total area is under plant cultivation. Because of this feature Antalya sends many kinds of fruit and vegetable to many corners of Turkey throughout year and also exports crops out of the country. Fruit-vegetable and flower are important sources of income in Antalya. Growers we met are hopping that crops planted in August and in September will be sold across Europe, and that this season will be more successful. We were there to help them and offer plant nutrition recommendations and solutions.


The Haifa Turkey office, opened earlier in 2016 is taking part of this effort.  Haifa experts, not only bring a wide portfolio of plant nutrition solutions, they also bring significant professional experience. Being located in Antalya means an optimal availability to the growers.


During our tour the Antalya and Fethiye area near the Mediterranean we visited a number of local greenhouses, mainly growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplants. All are grown in soil with advanced irrigation and fertilizing systems. Fertilizing with Haifa’s special water soluble fertilizer (WSF) Poly-Feed™ nourishes plants, meeting their precise needs during critical growth phases for maximal yields and top quality. 




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